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The Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security is the State Administrative Agency and point of contact for a number of Homeland Security and Emergency Management grants in the State of Idaho.

Bureau of Homeland Security Grant Information

Grants Managed By BHS

    EMPG - The EMPG grant program provides $291,450,000 million to assist State and local governments to sustain and enhance all-hazards emergency management capabilities.
    HMAGP - The HMAGPs provide an important opportunity for local governments and state agencies to protect individuals and property from natural hazards while simultaneously reducing reliance on federal disaster recovery funds.
    HMEPG - Grant funds will be passed through to local emergency management offices and HazMat teams having functional and active LEPC's.
    HSGP - These grants enhance the ability of states, tribes, counties, and cities to prepare for, prevent, protect against, respond to and recover from terrorist attacks and other major disasters.